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  1. "Muslim Tomb Architecture in Bengal", Organized by Dept. of Archaeology on the occasion of Archaeological Excavation and Training course, Mahasthangarh, Bogra, February 13,1988.

  2. "Position of Women in Bangladesh", Seminar organized by Association of women in Japan, (Nagoya Branch), Nagoya, March 7,1974.

  3. "Characteristics of the Defense System of Khalifatabad", Seminar arranged by the Directorate of Archaeology (GOB) on the occasion of Conservation of the Historical monuments of Paharpur and Bagerhat at Lalbagh Fort. October 7,1993.

  4. "Ouponibeshik Shashonamole Bangla Sthapatye Shamosya O Shankot"(Colonial Architecture in Bengal), International Seminar on Colonoial Rule and Permanent Settlement: An Appraisal, organized by Bangladesh History Association, University of Dhaka, December 30,1993.

  5. "Banglar Mughal Shamadhee: Stapatya Dharan O Boishishto"( Mughal Tomb Architecture in Bengal: Type & Characteristics) Seminar held on the occasion of the 20th general meeting and National Historical Conferrence, Bangladesh Itihash Parishad, Kushtia,. July 6,1996.

  6. "History of Sonargaon through Inscriptions", Seminar arranged by The Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities, University of Dhaka, July 20,1996.

  7. "Bangladesher Sthapatya: Panchish Bachchar" (Architecture of Bangladesh: 25 Years), organized by Bnagladesh History Association, National Conferrence, November 9, 1996.

  8. "Mughal Fort Architecture in Bengal: An Innovation" organized by International Centre for Study of Bnegal Art, 2nd International Congress, January 8,1997.

  9. "Archaeological Heritage of Sylhet", Second International Regional Semianr, Sylhet: History & Heritage, organized by Bangladesh History Association, February 12,1998.

  10. Naogaon" (Navagram) in Medieval Architecture of Bengal", Special conferrence on the "Village in History and Culture of Bengal", Organized by Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities, University of Dhaka, February 24,1998


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