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Research & Projects


Pabnar Pratna Shampad (Archaeology of Pabna)

Bangladesher Muslim Shamadhee Sthapatya (Muslim Tomb Architecture of Bangladesh)

Forts in Medieval Bengal: An Architectural Study


Two Small Research Projects from Centre for Advanced Studies in Humnaities, University of Dhaka and a Project from Bangladesh University Grants Commission, Completed in Scheduled time:

  • Shahjadpur Mashjider Sthapatya Itihash (Architectural History of Shahjadpur Mosque), 1986.

  • Shamadhi Sthapatye Bibi Mariyamer Sthan Nirnoi (The place of Bibi Marium's Tomb in the evolution of tomb architecture), 1987
  • Pabnar Oitihashik Imarat (Historical Buildings of Pabna) –   1993-1994.


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